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    Who is talking about your brand in public?

    Ever walked past a group of people and immediately stopped when they said something remotely similar to your name?

    I’m yet to reach that stage with my brand name – Content Lashmi. But I’m sure I will one day. 


    It takes time

    It takes lots of sacrifices

    It takes lots of willpower

    It takes lots of dedication

    It takes lots of self-motivation

    But when you reach your goal, it’s all worth it. 

    Okay. Time to get back to our growth hack.

    It’s all about Digi word of mouth now. 

    Checking online reviews is the first thing people do when they want to make any purchase decisions.

    In today’s world, knowing what people are talking about you and analyzing the brand image on the internet is very critical. 

    Who is talking about your brand in public?

    Are you interested to know “Who is talking about your brand in the public”?.

    Google is by far the most commonly used tool, I agree.

    Yet, you can do that by using a simple tool.

    It’s called Mention –  Social Media and Web monitoring tool.

    Definitely, it is a start-up era. We have tools and apps for everything to get out things done. 

    You name it, you have it.

    Instantly for ready use, either in the freemium or premium version. 

    The Mention tool will help you keep a track of every single time your brand is mentioned on the internet and help you jump into conversations in the best way possible.

    Let’s say a potential customer is confused and asking for answers on a forum. You can quickly jump in and save the day! 

    You can easily monitor what’s being talked about your brand across the web.

    Such as through forums, blogs, news, review websites, and social media. 

    Mention also aggregates all extensive information in a comprehensive way so you can view the key insights easily. 

    It will help you in forming a strong social media strategy. It makes you understand your target audience even better.

    Key highlights of the Mention

    First, it delivers alerts in real-time by push notifications or email.

    Second, it lets you create alerts for keywords and common misspellings.

    Third, access Mention as a web-based app or by the app for PC, Mac, OS, Chrome, etc. 

    Lastly, you can monitor millions of sources in real-time and in 42 languages.

    That’s quite a lot. 

    You can keep a track of where your competitors are getting mentioned and for what reason.

    This way you track your brand image as well as your competitors!

    Pricing of Mention

    The individual account who wants to get started is free with 1 alert option, 1000 mentions for 3 social accounts that you choose. 

    Who is talking about your brand -

    Alternatives for Mention

    1. Google Alerts sends the user alerts whenever a keyword or phrase is on the web, not on social media.
    2. Talkwalker where users can monitor their name, brand, competitors, and relevant topics.
    3. Brandwatch – a platform that is designed to allow brands to analyze online conversations to extract meaningful insights.

    Do check out the Content Lashmi Growth hack series based on my research from many resources. Hope you find it useful. 

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