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    From Content Writing to Content Marketing

    If you are looking for answers to the questions about DDIP, then you have come to the right post. This is the honest feedback about the Digital Deepak Internship Program and personal experience!

    • What is Digital Deepak Internship Program?
    • Who should do the Digital Deepak Internship program?
    • How is Digital Deepak Internship Program?
    • Digital Deepak Internship Program Welcome Kit
    • Is Digital Deepak Internship Program worth doing it?
    • Review about the Digital Deepak Internship Program
    • Are DDIP assignments are easy or difficult?
    • Are there Cashbacks in the Digital Deepak internship Program?
    • What is the Digital Deepak internship program fees?
    • How I can join the Digital Deepak Internship Program?

    First thing First.

    Whenever you want to go one level above in your life, always learn from the best. 

    After days and days of research, I enrolled in DDIP in Batch 15. 

    And No regrets I must say. One of thee best decision in my life. 

    Who should do the Digital Deepak Internship program?

    How many times you have done a certification or online course in digital marketing and then forgotten the learnings.

    You watched and watched but forgot what you learned?

    You learned and learned but didn’t understand the concept enough to implement it?

    You read and read but didn’t take any action?

    How many have you revisited the same learning again and again because of lack of implementation?

    If you are one who consumed a lot of free online courses/workshops and still finds it difficult to put your learnings into practice.

    If you are one who is looking for structured and mentorship support while learning digital marketing

    If you looking for a program where you feel that you are not only “learning” but also “earning”

    If you are looking to make a career in digital marketing or start freelancing or use it to develop your business online.

    then DDIP is the Go-to program you need to enroll. 

    You need focused implementation strategy and focused mentorship, Digital Deepak is the Go-To person. 

    What is Digital Deepak Internship Program?

    DDIP – Digital Deepak Internship Program is for anyone who is looking for hands-on training experience while learning about Digital Marketing. When I say, hands-on, you really do each and every task you learn in real-time as a short project/assignment.

    Don’t get overwhelmed with the word assignment or project. That’s where the entire structure and system are built so beautifully.

    This is the only program that offers

    1. Well structured and world-class training content by Digital Deepak
    2. Real-time practical assignments
    3. Assignment Explanation Video – Step by Step.
    4. Dedicated Mentor to nudge and nurture you every week – Meet my Mentor Divya Kothari
    5. Live Q&A session every week with your mentor
    6. 24 hrs live support when you have any doubt – Real Human BOT 
    7. Earn a cashback (Real Cash guys) every week for the work you did in completing the assignments
    8. One-stop resource sheet with all the details that you to refer during the course
    9. Online portal to submit your assignments
    10. Online Portal just to ask questions and share your concerns/issues. 
    11. Instant Cashback system 
    12. Well planned and executed internship program
    13. Team of 500+ interns around the country that will help to solve all your issues
    14. A network where you can build relationships
    15. Free goodies in terms of tools, downloads, ebooks, welcome kit, lifelong access to training videos, and learning
    16. Live interaction with Digital Deepak
    17. The feeling of accomplishment
    18. Fulfillment in investing your hard-earned money in the right course
    19. Motivation and inspiration to do and achieve anything in your life ( I cannot stress this enough)
    20. Digital Marketing Certification from the very own Digital Deepak –  Best Digital Mentor 
    21. Getting prep-up for DMAT Exam 
    22. and finally, Confidence to kick start your Digital Marketing journey

    DDIP Welcome Kit

    Okay, Small things are always taken for granted right.

    But How do you feel when you join a new company? How do you feel when you get a welcome kit with lots of goodies. 

    DDIP is also like joining an Organisation for an internship, joining a family welcoming with a kit that you need to get started. 

    Honest Review about Digital Deepak Internship Program

    Do you want to become a T-Shaped Digital Marketer?

    The 12 weeks plus 4 Bonus week internship program has each and every part of Digital Marketing.

    Right from the basics, Niche selection, creating a WordPress site, Domain & Hosting, Content writing to Content Marketing, building a tribe, generating leads, paid marketing like Facebook & Google ads campaigns, SEO & PPC, Data Analytics, Copywriting, List building, Backlinks, Landing pages, Real-time use of Digital Marketing tools, Email automation, creating & effective use of Social Media profiles, Sales & Conversation process and many more. 

    Additionally, right from creating a personal brand, how to start your Digital freelancing, Digital mentoring, and even creating Digital Agency, you get all the answers and ideas to get it implemented. 

    You name it they have it. 

    Are DDIP assignments are easy or difficult?

    Again, it’s all the mindset if I need to answer the question. If you have a success mindset, then anything is easy for you in the end. The very first thing you learn in this internship is all you need to finish this journey. 

    You are going to create an online portfolio for yourself. You are going to become a V2.0 of yourself. 

    After knowing the concepts, procedures, and facts in digital marketing, you are going to start applying these and slowly you will understand your strengths in the various areas of digital marketing. 

    Right from finding your niche, creating your own website, writing long SEO content, making a consultant call, your first youtube video, your first webinar, your first google ads, your own Facebook ads campaigns, your first sales call, your first testimonial, your first affiliate, your first client interview experience -, You get all the experience in the DDIP journey. 

    Plus you will be taking the DMAT exam after 12 weeks. 

    In just one line, “Get job-ready for an in-demand career”.

    How DDIP can help you to become a T-Shaped Digital Marketer

    Have you heard “Jack of all trades, master of none”? The DDIP assignments help you to know yourself. 

    Once you know your strengths from the assignments and what you are good at, what you are passionate about, DDIP is going to help you become a T-shaped Digital Marketer. 

    Being a T-shaped Digital Marketer, you can collaborate and be able to work in a team and be successful. 

    DDIP enables you to wear your thinking & creative cap

    It is said that when you write what you learned, you remember it well, You get to know the concept in a detailed way, and make you put your thinking cap.

    The assignments enable you not only to wear a thinking cap but also to nurture your creative cap as well. 

    If you don’t join the DDIP – You will miss these

    DDIP is not only about you, not only your learning. It is about the community. Meet DDIP – Batch 15 mates and look at their portfolios.

    I’m sure this gives all the reasons for you to join the DDIP now.

    Meet the Blogger – Nishia (Writes about DM, Personal development, Case studies, and book reviews.

    Home Tuition Services by Avinash Kumar

    Learn about Content Writing by Aiman Wahab

    Learn about Stocks & Trading by Chinmay Kulkarni

    Check if blogging can be a career by Anup Ain

    Email Marketing by Digital Ganesh

    Read about DM for Local Business by

    Meet the WordPress developer Digital Dewansh

    Meet the Program Management Consultant cum Digital Marketer – Arun

    Learn about Content Marketing from Vinoth

    Check out the Omkar’s post on Content Writing for Beginners: All you need

    Learn about SEO Copywriting by Digital Mita by Divya

    Check Sanjay’s website on Health – healthquote

    Beauty Tips by Ilma sunbul

    Learn about Digital Marketing & Travel related articles by Arun

    You might be interested to know Everything about e-commerce – DigitalDen

    Meet the artist –

    Affiliate Master – Farhan Halim

    Go through Free Online Tools by Sushilkumar Balikram 

    Do you want to build your unique brand awareness then read Vishaal P blog.

    Check out Partha Sardar’s blog post on  Why Basics of Content marketing is the Secret ingredient

    Know about fitness from Harish Singh’s Bagri Fitness – The Ultimate Fitness Guide Blog

    Check out Digital Marketing Tools by Rohan

    Check out The ABC’s of Marketing | Arjun Subash

    Learn about Digital Marketing Strategies from digitalshafqat

    And a lot more to bookmark.

    What is Digital Deepak internship program fees?

    This training cum internship program is one of the revolutionary concepts. The DDIP is not only about the course, it is also about the mentor. 

    Unlike other courses where you have prerecorded videos and then you are on your way. This program has a real connection with mentors and live support so you will be connected and not lost anytime. 

    Someone behind your back always when you get struck or when you have any doubt. 

    This kind of internship program is worth any amount I say. 

    Now, coming to answer your question about fees. 

    If I reveal all the details about the fees and the cashback amount, you will miss the real jackpot feeling. 

    So, don’t worry about the fees, it is 10x worth the investment. 

    How I can join the Digital Deepak Internship Program?

    By now, you would have got a good amount of clarity on what DDIP is all about right?

    If you want to know the course details, fees, cashback, etc. just enroll right now. As it doesn’t matter as it is a holistic digital marketing internship program you ever need.

    It is not just another course…It is Experience…It is fun-thrilled-journey.

    Digital Deepak Internship Program

    New Batch starts soon. 

    Go, for it…

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